Spoilers and Screenreaders

Have any of my fellow screenreader users been experiencing difficulties with the updated spoilers feature on the forum? At least I ASSUME there’s been an update—it used to be that spoiler text would read as normal with no indication that anything was supposed to be hidden, which of course wasn’t ideal. The update seems to have fixed this issue by putting content behind a collapsible area labeled “show hidden content”, but for some reason the text isn’t being picked up when I press the button to expand/reveal it. For reference I’m using Voiceover, Apple’s native screenreader, and I’ve noticed this both on iOS and Mac OS.


I’m not sure if this has been updated. I’m going to put the two types of spoiler text so you can determine which one it is. The first one visually blurs visual text one must click to clear, the other is a “details” fold which is hidden text the user must click a link to reveal.

The last word in this sentence is spoiler-blurred: spoiler.

There is information behind the details fold:

Click Here to reveal hidden text

This text will be hidden unless the user clicks the link above.


The blurred text is the one that doesn’t want to play nice. The details fold works as intended.


That’s unfortunate! I thought they’d fixed the issues with spoilers.

Reported this:


I have the same issues when using NVDA on Windows.


Same issue


The Discourse team think they’ve fixed it, so I’ve updated the forum software.

Is it better now?

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Doesn’t seem to be: I tried a hard refresh and a different browser, and with NVDA the only way I can get it to read the content is to mouse over it (which I think vanishingly few blind people actually do: it’s mostly just a debug thing?). If I’m reading it normally I still just get “button expanded hide content dot.” (or “button collapsed show content dot” if it’s hidden).


No change here with Voiceover either :frowning:


Following up on the meta thread, it appears that we not only have to upgrade the forum software, but also the spoiler plugin.

On our forum, Hanon wrote this:

The HTML for that looks like this:

<span class="spoiled spoiler-blurred" role="button" tabindex="0
  data-spoiler-state="blurred" aria-expanded="false"
  aria-label="Show hidden content">spoiler</span>

Whereas on meta.discourse.org, keegan posted this:

Testing this will be read

And the HTML for that looks like this:

<div class="spoiled spoiler-blurred" dir="ltr" role="button" tabindex="0"
  data-spoiler-state="blurred" aria-expanded="false"
  aria-label="Show hidden content" aria-live="polite">
    <p aria-hidden="true">Testing this will be read</p>

We’re clearly not using the same code/version they’re using.


I had updated both.

I see the same code as on meta.discourse.org.

Could it be a caching issue? But Josh said he’d tried a hard refresh…

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Wait, what? Do you see aria-live="polite" here on intfiction.org? I definitely don’t.

Yep, I do.

I’m using Chrome 111.0. I opened Dev Tools, went to the Application tab, Storage, and “Clear site data.” This logged me out, so I logged back in and navigated back to this thread. Then I switched Dev Tools to the Network tab, refreshed this thread, and inspected the keegan quote in my post #10 https://intfiction.org/t/spoilers-and-screenreaders/60866/10?u=dfabulich

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 1.49.48 PM

I don’t see aria-live="polite" here on this forum.

I also tried the same thing in a Chrome incognito window, and then again in Firefox 110.0 in a Private Window.

(Maybe you could try using a private/incognito window, too? Possibly it only works for you when you’re logged in, due to a theming issue or something?)

It works for me in incognito. The polite only gets attached after you unspoilerify the text.

Are you seeing it load this file? https://intfiction.org/assets/plugins/discourse-spoiler-alert-220d9ab271dbb2479455f1d706b09d67c13007618a43fe385a50af524116fe92.js

Hmm. Let’s see: I didn’t inspect the code before. Yeah, when it’s expanded I am currently seeing aria-live="polite" here, but still same results with NVDA. And I clicked through to meta.discourse.org and that doesn’t read the content for me either. I could try updating NVDA: I probably don’t have a particularly recent version, but…

Edit: no, I take that back, NVDA 2022.4 seems to be the most recent.

Maybe polite is too polite? :laughing:

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Well, aria-live="assertive" doesn’t seem to help either. If it has an aria-label, NVDA seems to read that instead of the span’s contents. And looking at MDN’s aria-label page, it seems like that’s the correct thing to do: there are a bunch of warnings about how aria-label is only for use when there is no accessible text that could describe the thing, and don’t overuse it, etc.

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I’m very embarrassed! I was noticing the difference between blurred and unblurred spoiler text! :flushed:

Using iOS VoiceOver on my iPhone running iOS 16.3.1, I’m able to reproduce the bug equally here and on meta.discourse.org. I’ve captured a screen recording, and I’ve posted it on meta.discourse.org.


Any news on this? Was going to start a topic to report it, but found this one first.