Split Screen in GLULX

I know that Beyond Zork and Zork Zero both used a split screen kind of system to display stuff, more Beyond Zork, but either way, I was wondering if there were some way to mimic this effect in Inform 7? I’ve tried researching the concept on my own and have found nothing but references to the concept, no actual information on how to make it happen. :frowning:

This isn’t something I have any experience with, but have a look at Jon Ingold’s extension Flexible Windows. The version currently on the Inform website is incompatible with the latest release of Inform 7, but you can get a newer version here: http://www.archimedes.plus.com/Downloads/Flexible%20Windows.i7x

I have used GWindows to achieve this effect before… It’s designed for Inform 6 though and I’m not sure if it can be integrated into I7.

Thank you, both of you. :slight_smile:

Rargh! This silly split screen extension is wierd. It looks like it has the capacity to reroute any kind of output I want, but what I would like to do, is do away with the status bar and make an entirely new status window. Then I wanted an output window and an input window.

However, unfortunately, even after reading through the manual again for I7 and reading through the source for the split screen extension, I can find nothing to help me with this. Either I’m just oblivious to the keywords I should be using or there is no real information on hhow to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Much as I hate to route traffic away from this site, you might try posting to rec.arts.int-fiction. Jon Ingold is a frequent poster there and might be willing to help you out.