Spike's IFComp 2020 Reviews

I’ll be playing and reviewing on my blog as many games as I can during the competition. I’m sure I won’t get to all of them.

Added: Authors, feel free to send me a private message about my reviews. I’d also be happy to give more details on potential bugs that I found.

Here’s the list of games reviewed so far.

  1. The Impossible Bottle
  2. Mother Tongue
  3. Flattened London
  4. Academic Pursuits (As Opposed to Regular Pursuits)
  5. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  6. Big Trouble in Little Dino Park
  7. Little Girl in Monsterland
  8. A Rope of Chalk
  9. Captivity
  10. Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl
  11. Tombs & Mummies
  12. Creatures
  13. Alone
  14. Tragic
  15. Limerick Quest
  16. The Magpie Takes the Train
  17. Saint Simon’s Saw
  18. Return to Castle Coris
  19. Just Another Fairy Tale
  20. You Couldn’t Have Done That
  21. Ferryman’s Gate
  22. A Murder in Fairyland
  23. The Eleusinian Miseries
  24. Where the Wind Once Blew Free
  25. The Cursèd Pickle of Shireton
  26. Phantom
  27. #VanLife
  28. Jay Schilling’s Edge of Chaos
  29. Tavern Crawler
  30. Vain Empires
  31. The Land Down Under
  32. Deelzebub
  33. Happyland
  34. Dr Ego and the Egg of Man-Toomba
  35. Shadow Operative
  36. Ascension of Limbs
  37. Vampire Ltd
  38. High Jinnks
  39. Tangled Tales
  40. Captain Graybeard’s Plunder
  41. Sage Sanctum Scramble
  42. Doppeljobs
  43. For a Place by the Putrid Sea
  44. Red Radish Robotics
  45. Sheep Crossing
  46. Ghostfinder: Shift
  47. A Catalan Summer
  48. SOUND
  49. (s)wordsmyth
  50. What the Bus?
  51. The Eidolon’s Escape
  52. Move On
  53. The Arkhill Darkness
  54. Electric word, “life”
  55. Sense of Harmony
  56. Seasonal Apocalypse Disorder
  57. Deus Ex Ceviche
  58. The Copyright of Silence
  59. The Incredibly Mild Misadventures of Tom Trundle
  60. Radicofani.
  61. Stand Up / Stay Silent
  62. BYOD

First up: The Impossible Bottle.


Just added a review of Mother Tongue after playing it with my 12-year-old son.


Spike, you’re public this year! And so am I! These will be happy times. :wink: :slight_smile:


Yes, this is my first time experiencing IFComp from the player’s side - I’ve been an author up until now! I’m enjoying it so far - and looking forward to reading your reviews as well.


Here’s my review of Flattened London.


Just posted on my blog a review of Academic Pursuits (As Opposed to Regular Pursuits).


My review of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.


Another review: This one is for Big Trouble in Little Dino Park.

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Over on the big games thread I promised to take up Little Girl in Monsterland’s challenge of a fifteen-hour game experience. Well, I did: I played it for two hours and then rated it. But by then I was sucked in. And so I kept playing - for many more hours - until I completed it.

I now present… my review of Little Girl in Monsterland.


I’m so glad to see you liked my game and even felt compelled to complete it! Thank you so much! I’m really touched :slight_smile:. Thank you for understanding the user interface, and having the patience to get used to it.

I’m aware some jokes are borderline, and I am a bit embarassed by that myself :sweat_smile:. (in my defense, you can’t imagine those I deleted :sweat_smile:) Some of the jokes probably lost something in the translation, but that was the best I could do. Also sorry for the irreligiosity of some jokes – but Dracula is who he is. :sweat: Also, sorry for the typos you mention – I’ll fix them as soon as I find them!

Thanks a lot for being the first one to complete my game and for your kind words!

As a token of gratitude, I’ve promoted your user to graphic mode, so if you login now you can play with graphics (only the first half, as the second half isn’t ready yet). :slight_smile: . Here is a sample of what you’ll see: do you recognize the locations? :slight_smile:


Yo that’s gorgeous, the backgrounds are exquisite.


Thanks man! Keep them in mind or get back to them while you play :slight_smile: They might add to the atmosphere :slight_smile:


Wow! rgoodness is right; those are gorgeous. (And I do recognize all those locations. :grinning:) I’ll have to replay in the new graphics mode to check it out.


O.K. - I’ve now played through some of the early parts of the graphical version of the game. Those scenes really are gorgeous; thank you for granting me access!

Gameplay feels somewhat different now, with the point-and-click interface as opposed to the choice-based menu options. It does seem to run somewhat more slowly now, too - I suppose it just takes more time to load those images.

You used the Uffizi as the model for the exterior of the museum, right?

Thanks again for the access to the graphic version!

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Yep. :slight_smile: This is the location you are talking about:

It’s true, the game is a bit slower when you change location, due to the graphics. You still have the map to move quickly though. :slight_smile:

Thanks again man :slight_smile:


Some thoughts on A Rope of Chalk.

Added: After thinking about this game some more, I wrote a second review. The link is the same as before, and the original review appears at the bottom of the second one.




My review of Captivity is now on my blog.


A review of Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl.

(Added: I’ve been made aware that the most recent update to Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl - made while I was finishing up the original version - fixes some of the problems I note in my review.)


And now for a review of… Tombs & Mummies.

One thing of note: The game’s blurb says it takes two hours to play; I think one hour is a better estimate.