I ran the Enchanter Trilogy games through txd a while back, and I found some interesting actions in the Spellbreaker code.

#rand [number] seeds the RNG, as in Enchanter.
#comm, #reco, and #unre are like Inform’s record and replay.
$xe [noun] appears to be a spell of some sort. Attempting to cast it says “You don’t have the original memorized!”. “original” is in the game’s dictionary, referring to an object with spell-like properties that begins the game out of play. I thought it might be the “spell” written on the blank scroll, but “gnusto vellum”, “gnusto $xe”, and “gnusto original” all fail while I’m holding it. Any thoughts?

The “original” object is involved with the burin-writing process. It’s probably an internal mechanism and can’t be referred to by normal commands.

I figure that “$xe” is a debug command of some sort.

Interesting. I wonder what it does with that object, then.

Update on $xe: using it in the presence of the “original” crashed the interpreter. No idea what it’s supposed to do.

It makes one “sexy”.

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