Spell Checker New to this language.

Just going over the starting Tutorial video by Aaron Reed and noticed that he mistyped a word and the spell checker caught it while he was typing. Much like Word, or firefox does for me.

When attempting to check my spelling (Ctrl+G) Nothing happened. I then highlighted the sentence and found that it did check once I did that, even though it said “Plough” was misspelled. (But so does firefox)

I was wondering how Aaron got that real time spell checker going. I can’t seem to find any options for that in Inform.

I looked on google for extensions I may have missed and installed something called Spellcasting by Jim Aikin but looking over it, I think it sets up some spell system or something, and won’t help with the real time spelling checker.

I know it’s got to be something simple I missed, thank you for the help.

Windows 7 64bit AMD Phenom 6-Core 1100T Gforce GTX 460

Once again, this is interesting and very different way to approach programing, but cool enough to want to learn more… loved Zork back in the 80’s…


That might be Mac specific, actually. Mac has “Check Spelling as you Type” as one of the standard Edit menu items.

Ya, looked like a mac now that I watched the Video again, ummm… has to be a script for windows to run a spell checker somewhere… but if everyone that has windows has the same as me, then all good.

Thank you for the quick response, you were very helpful…

I’m running Inform 7 build 6f95 under Win7 and I don’t believe there’s a native spell - check - as - you - go option; that would be something to ask about or suggest to David Kinder (writer and maintainer of the Windows IDE). Having said that, you don’t need to make a selection in order to spell - check it. The built - in checker moves from the cursor down the code. In other words, if you’re at the end of the code and hit ctrl-g, you’ll get “spell checking complete” but nothing really happened. Move your cursor to where you need it, or just hit ctrl-home to go to the beginning of your source first and then hit ctrl-g.

EDITED to add: You can make suggestions like this on the uservoice I7 suggestions forum. I don’t see that suggestion on there. Just tag it IDE (as you can see others have done) and David will see it.

Thank you Skinny Mike… sort of strange a spell checker would not be included in a app where lot’s of typing of story book like text would take place, but I could not have done better.

What I did find is that I could not get Aspell to work at all in windows 7, but found something that does… It checks for spelling in Inform also as You type, so the problem is solved.

techsupportalert.com/best-fr … hecker.htm

It’s called tinyspell, and seems to be doing a good job.

Thank you for all the help everyone.