Speed-IF LLM Style

As all the IFComp participants wind down their coding, I’m getting an itch to do something fun (besides play games in a few weeks).

It occurred to me that doing a Speed-IF in our new world of ChatGPT, Claude 2, and other LLM variants could dramatically increase the speed of developing simple games in under two hours.

So, here’s the challenge. I’m going to host (on ifMUD, where else?) a speed-if some time in the first week of October. I’ll pick a day and reply back to this thread.

Your goal for now is to pick an LLM and play around with it to see how you can leverage for IF development using whatever platform you choose. If you want to use one of the open-source tools and teach it your platform, that’d be really cool.

But the day I host the madlib session, you will have two hours (we work on an honor system here) to complete a story with the provided theme and madlib components.

I’ve already played around with ChatGPT 4 enough to know it can write Inform 7 code that compiles. The trick is to know the domain well enough to direct it.

See you all in about 3-4 weeks!


We can diverge into a discussion about the ethics of using an LLM to write a story, but I think I want to say up front that for this Speed-IF, I don’t want any limitations. If you want the LLM to code and write, that’s fine by me. This opens up the possibility of a Speed-IF using dialects, mixed languages, tempo, and all sorts of writing tricks that would be harder if planned out on your own. This is why it’s important to play around with ChatGPT 4 or Claude 2 before October. Get a feel for what they can do. Part of the fun is directing your assistant in helping you create something.

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Okay folks. You were coding or not coding furiously the last few months and you have coding withdrawals.

I plan to do the Speed-IF LLM madlib setup this Saturday (Oct 7) on ifMud at 10am Central Daylight Time UTC-5.

Feel free to join. I’ll drop the criteria here afterwards and give everyone a week to finish their games with the caveat that you should limit your overall research and development time to two hours.