Speed Daemon; Hint Request

Meanwhile, a fairy died a horrible death when the frustrated player ripped his laptop apart and ate the motherboard…

Seriously, can anyone help me with the bear and the fairy?

From what Barry said, I think I need to get the fairy to enchant the yucky fish into yummy fish so the bear will like them and be happy and let me pass.

About the fairy: I’ve caught her in the net, but I’m at a loss for what to do next.
I’ve tried:
-Putting a fish with her in the net. She shrieks, but nothing much happens.
-Diving in the lake with her in the net. She really doesn’t like this, but she can wriggle free.
-Staying underwater myself so she might feel obliged to rescue me and we could bond over that.
-Bribing her with the shoes and clothes from the “Noir Glamour”-costume.


hint: You don’t actually need the fairy to get rid of the bear.
hintier: The bear is dreaming of fish. You can try to mess with his dreams to get him to wake up and leave.
solution: No need for subtlety, throw fish at the bear.



I was barking up the wrong tree completely.

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I originally barked up that same tree when I played it. :sweat_smile:

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Caution! Red Fairy Alert!

I’m stuck at the chasm on Barry’s path. I know that I have to cut the wires, but how do I work out the correct order?

EDIT: Hang about. I’m on a stone bridge. Maybe the order didn’t matter. It was just trial and error and careful reading of the responses.