Specifying -res Option; Works on Windows, Not Mac

I’m being particularly obtuse, I think. I have the following statements in my makefile.t3m:

-res "assets/images/seal-of-doom.jpg=seal-of-doom"
-res "assets/sounds/no-mercy.mp3=no-mercy"

When I have these in my makefile.t3m and I run t3make on Windows this works fine. But on a Mac, I get:

Error: Invalid option: “-res”

Given that this works on Windows, I have to assume I’m doing this correctly. But I wanted to double-check if this “-res” option was operating system specific in some way.


Ah, so it seems the issue is you can’t have multiple lines with -res. You just have to specify one “-res” line and include all resources in that. For some reason, I was thinking it was like the “-source” and “-lib” lines.

Problem solved. (I told you I was being obtuse!)


I also don’t use quotes and it works fine…