I have a ConvNode with 4 SpecialTopic objects. It is working fine, even though I had to set ‘timesToSuggest = 1’ since the default wasn’t working (just throwing it out there in case I missed something in the doc).

Anyway, when three specific SpecialTopic objects are chosen (curiositySatisfied is true for each object), I would like to move on to another ConvNode with a new batch of SpecialTopic objects.

I started to do this with extra coding (like I would do with TADS 2) but then realized that T3 probably has a better/slicker way of handling it – I just don’t know what that is. I’ve gone through the the doc, but no immediate solution came to me.

Any advice on the best approach for this?

– Mike

So this ended up being rather simple. (well, simple after several aborted attempts).

I don’t know of any drawbacks yet, but here’s how I solved it – generic code to follow.

In the NPC object, in the nifty afterAction(), I did:

afterAction() { if (topic1.curiositySatisfied && topic2.curiositySatisfied && topic3.curiositySatisfied) "<.convnode newConversationTopics>"; }
And as for the timesToSuggest issue I stated above, that appears to be a conflict with some code I lifted from the Tour Guide. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for SuggestedTopics, but at least I know where the conflict is…

modify SuggestedTopic timesToSuggest = (ofKind(EventList) ? eventList.length() : 1) ;
You would think I would have remembered why I lifted that code… :slight_smile:

– Mike