Spatterlight, now with Saga Plus support

Version 0.9.6 is out.

Introducing the Plus interpreter, which so far supports the MS-DOS Saga Plus versions of Questprobe: Featuring Spider-Man, The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, and Questprobe: Featuring Human Torch and the Thing. It still needs plenty of testing, though.

Also fixed the problem where changes to cover images in game blorbs were not reflected in the Spatterlight library.


That’s a scary amount of investigation into the Saga Plus format. Bravo! I’ll need to check it out properly this evening.

After having gone through all this, what would you say are the most significant potential advantages of this? Would there be any compelling reasons for authoring new content for Saga Plus instead of the plain old TRS-80 format?


Saga Plus can do some things that can’t be done in the older format, such as input using more than two words, loops, and built-in disambiguation (It will ask ”When you say spell, do mean the X spell?”) but the advantages are not always obvious. I guess you would just have to try writing a new game in this format to really tell what the pros and cons are.