Spatterlight 0.9.0

A new release of Spatterlight is out.

This adds the three missing interpreters from Gargoyle: Geas, ScottFree and JACL. Geas seems pretty broken on both Gargoyle and Spatterlight, though. All the Quest 4 games I tried had serious issues.

I somehow removed the Beyond Zork graphical font in the previous release. Now it is back!

The QuickLook plugin should also look a little nicer.

Full change log here.


Thanks for the update!

I downloaded the new Spatterlight version and moved it to /Applications, overwriting the previous one. I expected that this would preserve the games library, but instead when I opened Spatterlight 0.9.0, the games library was empty. Is this intentional?

That is not supposed to happen!

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this here. Was your previous version of Spatterlight 0.8.9 or an older one?

EDIT: If you’re not afraid of messing with the ~/Library folder, you can try to quit Spatterlight, open ~/Library/Group Containers/, move any files beginning with Spatterlight.storedata out of there, and then run Spatterlight again.

EDIT 2: Another possibility is that the library looks empty because you have typed something into the search box that has no match. I do that sometimes and wonder where all my games went.

Oh oops, I didn’t realise I’d missed so many releases — turns out I was on 0.5.9b! Probably not worth fixing.

Tried that, no change. The only other thing in that folder is Library/, which contains 3 empty folders.

Checked that this isn’t the case.

0.5.9b uses the old property list library format. There is code in Spatterlight to convert from this format to the new one, but it turns out it was broken in sandboxed builds. Apparently Apple really doesn’t want us to access the old, non-sandboxed Application Support folder, and has done everything to make it difficult.

I hacked around this and made a stealth update of the 0.9.0 build on GitHub. Just download it again, delete the library (from the Spatterlight File menu), quit and restart Spatterlight. This should restore your old library.