Spatterlight 0.5.12b

A new release of Spatterlight is out.


  • Library window sidebar with game presentation and cover image
  • Ifdb metadata download
  • Undo support in the interface
  • Themes
  • Per-game settings
  • You can search for missing files
  • The Mavericks-compatible build is notarized

The change log is here.

The most important thing missing is tool tips for the new options, but I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Please try it out and let me know what you think!

As I am currently playing around with Final Cut, I made a promotional video to demonstrate the new features. It didn’t turn out quite the way I envisioned it, but perhaps some of you will find it amusing.

At least I know now why there are so many terrible instructional videos on YouTube. This stuff is hard!


It’s a good video, don’t beat yourself up over it!

Though I think it’s particularly funny that you added Gargoyle and Lectrote’s default themes to it. For the discerning interpreter user who misses that classic look, haha?


The themes are cool!

I tried the Lion build on High Sierra and it worked (booted and played a little, not extensively yet).

What’s the significance of the Lion and Mavericks builds? I mean, people will want to know which one to download based on their current OS.

Because Spatterlight wasn’t updated for a long time, it slid into the ‘nobody recommends it’ bucket of interpreters. Occasionally there’d be a test release, but as an author I was too wary to suggest it in case it crashed on a player vs the known Gargoyle and Lectrote, and as a player I was wary because I don’t want to be ages into a game before finding a bug that might stop me. If save files were transferable, we wouldn’t have this particular problem (or at least we might have a lesser version of it) but they aren’t. I guess I’m saying, part of making Spatterlight a viable choice again must involve a kind of persistence and confidence-raising. I am glad to have a new option and will try it with my WIP.


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Save files should be transferable between all interpreters that I know of, unless something is broken. You may have to change the file extension, though.

The “Mavericks” build is actually built on Catalina, but targeted at and tested on 10.9. It is also notarized by Apple, so it will hopefully run on Catalina without changing the default security settings.

Since I started working on Spatterlight, I have kept adding new features and not tested them nearly enough, so some serious crashing bugs have slipped through. My hope is that there are a little fewer bugs this time around. At least I’ve fixed hundreds.

EDIT: And there the first bug was reported. Oh well. Time to start working on the next release, I suppose.

Save files should be transferable between all interpreters that I know of, unless something is broken. You may have to change the file extension, though.

Oops, you’re right! I was confusing the ‘Can’t use a save from version A of a game in version B’ fact with the issue of different interpreters.


Nobody asked me, but I think you should declare the next version of Spatterlight the “1.0” version. It’s ready.

Also, is still apparently the top hit for “Spatterlight” in Google search, and it could use some rework.

  • The links point to an old v0.5.0 version, with the line, “The 0.5.0 release doesn’t work properly with more recent macOS versions” and a link at the end saying, “You can find an updated version of Spatterlight on github.” The 0.5.0 links should be removed, replaced with a single link saying, “download it from github.” The whole effect right now makes it seem as if Spatterlight just doesn’t work.
  • The “screenshots” link points to ancient screenshots (what is that, OS X 10.4??). Replace that with a link to your YouTube video, or remove the link entirely.
  • It’s “macOS” now, not “Mac OS X”

Oh nice! I particularly like the themes and the per-game settings.

Thank you all for your kind words!

Most of the credit goes to Tor Andersson, the original author of Spatterlight (and Gargoyle). The current version is still inferior to his in some ways. I updated all the interpreter cores to the Gargoyle ones, and some things did break in the process, such as graphics support in Hugo and the rendering of quote boxes in z-code games. Once those are fixed I think we can call it version 1.0.

The home page could definitely do with an update. I’ll see if I can get in touch with Tor.

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Very nice, finally a multi-interpreter that supports Catalina. Thank you so much.

I am very grateful for this app, and love the update. Thank you so much.

I had actually deleted Spatterlight some time ago. I still have Zoom on my computer, but I don’t use it because I don’t think it’s been updated for some time. The version I have does not run glulx. So I’ve been using Lectrote.

So far, with the Spatterlight update, everything runs perfect and the theme options are great. I’m using the update for Lion, though I’ve got Sierra running right now.

I am curious, however, what interpreters are most often used by others, and what most people prefer. On my phone I have both Fabularium and Son of Hunky Punk (which is zMachine only). On my wife’s phone, I have iFrotz. On my computer, as noted above, I have 3, and for my son’s computer (Windows) I think I need to use Frotz (which seems to need to be compiled or something before it works?)

I like to test my projects to see how they look in different interpreters.

Anyway, thanks again for the Spatterlight update. It’s awesome and greatly appreciated.

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