Spatterlight 0.5.11b, now with autorestore

Time for a new Spatterlight release. Get it here!

The major new feature is automatic saving and restoring of Glulx games, similar to how Lectrote works.

This time I’ve provided a separate binary for older systems. Both use the same code, but one is built on 10.7 Lion, the other on 10.14 Mojave. The 10.14-built one, which has support for dark mode and shows fewer animation glitches when entering and exiting full screen, should work on 10.10 Yosemite and newer. The 10.7 build runs on 10.7 and newer.

Please post any bugs, comments or feature requests here or on Github.

From the change log:

  • Autosave and autorestore support for Glulx games
  • Window restoration (except for non-Glulx game windows)
  • Reset command to delete any autosave files and restart game (Alt+Command+R)
  • Automatic conversion of curly quotes and non-standard dashes in input
  • Improved retention of scroll position during resize
  • Added standard key equivalent Command + Delete for deleting games from game library
  • Fixed library view column toggle, which I inadvertently broke in the previous release

Very nice.

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Of course, I forgot to mention that the auto save and restore code is adapted from IosGlulxe. Thanks for writing that!