SPAG #62 is OUT!

Good afternoon, everyone! The long-awaited Issue #62 of SPAG is now out, and I’m biased, but it is a great one:

Featuring articles by Christopher Huang, Hugo Labrande, Rowan Lipkovits, Marius Müller and yours truly, on topics as broad-ranging as IF and improv theater, real-life CYOA installations and translating IF, as well as reviews of this spring’s ParserComp and Spring Thing Main Garden entries!

Thanks again to all our authors, and a special thanks to J. Robinson Wheeler, who gave us not one but TWO covers on short notice.

And do YOU want to be one of our authors? You can! We are now taking pitches for issue #63, the theme of which is WANDERING. Submission guidelines in the next post.


ShuffleComp is nearly upon us, and we are looking for reviewers! Same idea as always: capsule reviews, quick and snappy, like a three-minute pop song. (Musical accompaniment optional.) We are also particularly interested in SPAG Specifics on the spring’s offerings, and especially the Spring Thing Back Garden – though, as always, we’re open to whatever you have something to say about!

As for longer-form pieces: befitting the news, the theme for issue #63 is WANDERING! As always this is semi-optional; interpret this as strictly or as loosely as you’d like — let your mind wander, if you will. If you need inspiration, some ideas might include: exploring story worlds, delving into IF developments around the world, in real life and on the ‘Net; wandering through the far reaches of what IF can do, or the history of what it’s done in the past; and hey, of course, there’s always the game itself.

As always, send all pitches to, along with a brief bio of yourself, and writing samples if you prefer. Also appreciated: a rough sense of word count (see the pieces in this issue for a guideline) and an estimated time of completion (aim for June or July).

We highly encourage submissions from experienced IF critics as well as newcomers, and we are particularly interested in pitches by women, people of color and others who are under-represented in IF writing. However, all are welcome, including those who have previously expressed interest in writing for the website.

Thank you for reading and keeping us alive all these years! Let’s make #63, and the issues to come, just as strong.

Oh dear, there are not one but three reviews of my work in there. Bit of a sucker punch, in a good way.

Thank you for bringing life back to SPAG!

It’s great to see that SPAG is back! :smiley:

I’d like to read Hugo Labrande’s article, but the link is wrong: it links to ParserComp and Spring Thing reviews instead! Could you fix it, please?

EDIT: Ah, I now see (thanks to RSS feeds) that the correct link is … as-improv/ . Still, it should be fixed on the main page.

yep, fixed now! lots of ducks not quite in a row.

It’s brilliant to see SPAG back to life again! Hope to see another great issue next time! :smiley:

The “IF as Improv” article is astoundingly good. Probably the best read of IF theory I’ve read in a long time.

Seconded. A fantastic article.

Due to my inability to throw in everything remotely relevant, I would have made reference to “Action Castle”, but the article is just fine without it 8)

Thank you for this!

Thanks for the kind words ! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: And long live SPAG!!

You’re welcome!

Also, just a little reminder that everyone reading this is welcome to pitch ideas to! Looking forward to reading all your pitches.