SPAG #58 is now available

Hi, folks…

The latest issue of IF’s journal of record, SPAG, is available at This is the
largest issue ever published in the magazine’s 16 year history. I hope
there is something for everyone inside.

IF News

IF at PAX East 2010:
How Suite it was by Harry Kaplan
The Storytelling in IF Panel by Duncan Bowsman
Two Panels at the IF Suite by Harry Kaplan
A PAX Story by Robb Sherwin

Revisiting the Phoenix Games:
Phoenix Rises Again by Adam Atkinson
Crobe Review by Marius Müller

Lines and Rectangles: Navigating within a Textual Virtual World by
Jimmy Maher

The Story of JACL by Stuart Allen

An IF Exhibition by Fabien Vidal

Jay is Games Casual IF Competition Reviews
Basic Train-ing
The Blueprint
Couch of Doom
Critical Breach
The Cube
Drama Queen 7: Mother Knows Best
Dual Transform
Escape in the Dark
Escape into Fiction
Fragile Shells
Golden Shadow
I Expect You to Die
Into the Open Sky
Lurid Dreams
The Manor at Whitby
Monday, 16:30
An Open Field
Party Foul
The Usher
A Zeroeth Dimension

A Survey of the TWIFComp Entries by Valentine Kopteltsev

Other Game Reviews:
Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma

Last Lousy Points:
Working with Beta Testers: Some Guidelines for Authors by Al
Some Comments on Love is as Powerful as Death, Jealousy is as
Cruel as the Grave by Michael Whittington

Sweet – thanks for this, Jimmy and all the other contributors!