Spaceformacs: Authoring in Inform7 with [Spac]Emacs

Recently I’ve been doing some work on Vimform7, by @interactivefiction, and I happened upon Spacemacs again while working on it.
Spacemacs is a lovely configuration distribution for the Emacs operating system, and you may want to use it rather than Vim.
I have not worked at creating a layer or package for Emacs, and I’m not want to do so either (at least not at the moment). I have however, spent a little time configuring my Emacs with Spacemacs and Inform7, and with inclusions from Vimform7 a similar IDE is made teneble.
You can get started in Spaceformacs (though it’s a bit more breezy on Linux, actually) by following these steps:

  1. Install Emacs through your Linux distributions package manager or graphical software repository.
  2. Clone the Spacemacs GitHub repository to your ~/.emacs.d/ folder, as instructed on their website.
  3. Enable org mode by editing your .spacemacs configuration file and uncommenting the respective line under the dotspacemacs-configuration-layer heading.
  4. Follow the breadcrumbs in an Emacs org file I have zipped and included with this post. Mind the self-promotion, and remember that this is duct-taped together at the moment, but is actually quite usable :adhesive_bandage:. (2.2 KB)

If I put in the work to create a ‘distribution’ of Spaceformacs, I’ll upload it here with some better documentation than is found in the attached org file.

2020-07-27T06:00:00Z: I’ve got an itch. I want to do some more work on this, and when I have the time to write the documentation (and possibly a couple ELisp files) I’ll update this post further. For now, the duct-taped org file should satiate the endeavouring Vim user and the aspiring Emacs saint.

Two helpful things: base Spacemacs, eww-layer, and Inform7-mode are what you’ll need to replicate the Vimform7 ‘environment’; understanding a little of Vimform7, such as where it’s files are and where your own files may be, is helpful until I modify the Inform7-mode to have it’s own commands to allow anyone to use Spaceformacs with ease.

Please ask questions, but your ever-lit lamp will be documentation and curiosity.