Sound glitch with restarting?

So I am having my friend test my game out for me. He is on Windows, using the Windows Gluxe interpreter. I have an ambient soundtrack that plays in the final room. I also have some growling in the same room. Using Daniel Stelzers music extension, both sounds are set to loop 50 times (basically as long as the player will need and then some). However, my friend just found out if you type “restart” into the command box (something I didn’t even know you could do), the former sound would continue to play, drowning out every other sound effect. The latter wouldn’t have this issue though, it wouldn’t play again. Any ideas how to stop this?

I had to figure out how to do exactly this in Transparent. Source code…

Ah, here:

[code]To silence all:
repeat with wave running through sound names:
stop wave.

Carry out restarting the game:
silence all.[/code]

In general, you want to update the audio state after any restart/restore/undo operation, since those are the “catastrophic” game state changes. The extension should provide a hook or rulebook to let you do this, but I haven’t looked at how that extension handles it.

@HanonO I will try that out! Thank you!

@Zarf I have no idea what you said. xD