Sos for gaming

i want to begin with 5 points.
When an answer is wrong, losing 1 point and the remaining points will be showed
When the points are zero automatically game oover.
How i can do that?
Is there a general code?

I think you should read the Sugarcube documentation and take a shot at this yourself before asking for help. Setting a variable, displaying the value of a variable, and using “if” statements are basic aspects of Twine, and if you don’t try to understand how they work for yourself, rather than asking to be handed ready-made code, you’re going to have a very hard time making a game.


I generally agree with the above, but I’d add that the way the Sugarcube docs ar structured and written may make them feel intimidating for beginners, so for more “tutorial-style” help you could use the Twine cookbook: Twine Cookbook (it deals with all formats, so make sure you’re using the Sugarcube examples). There’s also tutorials for getting started, and some were discussed recently in this thread over on Twine reddit: (I have not used any of them personally, though, and at a quick glance, the video series in the first comment is pretty old, so some things may differ vs. the current version of Twine/Sugarcube, but the basics should stay the same).