Sorting out the Commodores on IFWiki

Commodore is a bit of a mess on the wiki at the moment. We basically have just two pages for Commodore machines; a general “Commodore” one, which a great deal of links point to when they are really specifically referencing the C64, and a page for the Commodore Amiga.

I’m prepared to put in the work to sort out the various references if I were to make some changes to the pages. I would see the main Commodore pages having links to the more important of the systems, but each system (that is incompatible with the others) does really need its own page/tags.

Before changing anything, I thought I’d post my proposal for what I would be looking to do:

Current we have…
[C64], [Commodore 64] >>> [Commodore]
[Commodore Amiga] >>> [Amiga]
(where >>> indicates redirects pointing to the main page)

[Commodore International] >>> [Commodore]
[Commodore PET] [CBM] >> [PET]
[Commodore 64] [Commodore 128] [C128] >>> [C64] *
[Commodore Plus 4] [Commodore Plus/4] [Commodore 16] [C16] >>> [Plus/4] *
[Commodore VIC] [VIC-20] [Vic 20]>>> [VIC20]
[Commodore Amiga] [A1000] [A500] [A2000] >>> [Amiga]
[Commodore C65] [Mega65] >>> [MEGA65]

*there may be an argument for greater granularity in some cases, but if people tag with the specific flavour of machine then further down the road they could be split up.


Nice! I had a VIC-20 so I’m a fan of breaking it up as proposed. I approve!

Agree on best granularity, e.g. the RAM expansion on Vic-20 (believe it or not, there’s textual adventures in BASIC for the UNEXPANDED Vic-20; of course are all RAM (Read Author’s Mind)…)

aside hardware differences, there’s also the core 8-bit difference, between textual and graphic, and in the CBM 8 bit specific, also the character graphic (some of these can even look like actual graphic adventures…)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio

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C65 (aka C64DX) arguably doesn’t rate an entry because there was no meaningful software for it of any kind, let alone any IF.

And it doesn’t really merit a rollup with the Mega65 since the most significant IF software for the Mega65 (Ozmoo) doesn’t actually run on the real C65!


Well, those two are rolled up together for now and can be split up further down the line if need be.

The changes to the Commodore sections have been implemented now. Plenty of tweaks to do, still. A quick link to get to the very bare-bones pages would be to go through the disambiguation page, Commodore - IFWiki

As with all the pages for retro computing platforms, the intention would be to build in appropriate links to the various communities, software repositories and emulators.


Good work.

The main Commodore page could set out, beside each link, the other computers mentioned in the page (eg beside the C64 link you could mention the C128).


The pages now are:

The System options for software (at Form:Software - IFWiki) are the following: Commodore PET, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore 64/128, Commodore Amiga.

Are the other ones important enough to add as allowed values for software? (Or for games, when we get to that stage.)

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