Son of Hunky Punk app for Android, v0.9 - features tech talk

Hi. Thanks to Dan Vernon and others for keeping this app alive. Version 0.9 is currently the active version on Google Play store: … .hunkypunk

I am currently hacking on the code to try and get a Glulx Interpreter going on Android (future versions beyond 0.9) - even if it has some limitations. I am still learning about the app and it’s current features - so I figured best to have a posting to consolidate some of my questions and not make github a place for Q&A.

One of the features is “Tap words as input” - which would change the normal Android convention of select to copy text. My first technical question is: Can I use the clipboard, copy/paste game story output into another Android app such as my email? - maybe there is a touch or motion I’m overlooking. There is some source code that is commented out, so I’m not really sure if I’m not finding it or if copy/paste of game story dialog is a feature that currently does not exist.

Awesome! Good work!

based on hacking up the code, it does seem the clipboard copy of fiction output is impossible in the published version 0.9. I’ll note it as a feature to add a preference/menu option to turn off the “Tap words as input” feature to allow standard Android copy clipboard function. I experimented with this and was able to get clipboard working.