Something wrong with unread posts?

Does the unread posts feature behave erratically for anyone else? For some threads posts keep getting marked unread and today I’m seeing threads in the View unread posts page from March and April with no new posts since then.

I haven’t seen anything like that. I have changed some of the boards and moved stuff around, but that shouldn’t be changing what has been read.

The code of conduct announcement doesn’t seem to track exactly which posts you’ve read, only the pages. I’m guessing it’s buggy because it’s a global announcement.

I can confirm the glitch with the thread Danni mentioned.

Some threads from “Choice-based IF Development” are suddenly marked as unread today for me, too.

Now the code of conduct thread stays permanently on the unread posts page, even though all its posts are read.

Does logging out and back in help? Only idea I’ve got sorry.

It seems to work now after a new post was added to the thread. I hope this doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the database.

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the database.

If the forum shows posts unread and you click on “Mark posts read”, often they dont change.
Sometimes even after youve read the post it still shows as before.

This has been mentioned but only in passing. Its still happening today 7 Jan 15:53 so its nowt to do with the now reset forum clock.