Something to give zarf a serious headache...

… But maybe interesting! … -in-ios-7/

It’s true, it will cause me a headache. I haven’t decided when, though.

My current iOS text-display code works with iOS 3 and up. It will continue to work in iOS 7, and I don’t have any strong motivation to sit down and rewrite it from scratch to the new APIs. Certainly that seems less important than working on the damn game.

On the other hand, if I ever decide to add the hyperlink and inline graphics features – not to mention the improved style system that’s been hanging fire for about five years – it would probably make sense to do a rewrite, rather than cobbling them into what I’ve got and then rewriting that later. So that’ll probably happen eventually. I just don’t know when.

Any ideas about what this might mean for iPhone Frotz?

Same situation for Craig Smith, I imagine. He may update his app for iOS 7 but I don’t know any reason that he needs to do it soon.

Side-note: iFrotz has both of these, and curiously enough, they’re the buggiest of the lot. Inline graphics obscure text, and hyperlinks, well, the one you select is never the one you actually tapped.