Something comparable to playfic for TADS3?

Hi folks,

Is there something comparable to playfic for TADS3? I use playfic on my iPad to test ideas and thoughts on Inform7 code when I’m traveling or don’t have my laptop at hand.


There is nothing like this that I’m aware of.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but this would be a bit harder to set up in TADS than it is for Inform.

This is 2017 ? Why would such a powerful IF tool be living in 2007 ? Get ready to load up my Netscape…

The community of IF authoring system developers is very, very small. Likewise the number of T3 game authors – small. Oh, and nobody pays the system developers.

There are lots of things that would be nice additions to IF World. A version of the T3 Workbench for the Mac, for instance. (And no, please don’t bother to tell me it will run in Bootcamp or another Windows emulator. It’s about 99% functional in an emulator, but I doubt the glitches have ever been cleaned up.)

With Emscripten it would be possible, though a lot of work. Jim is right that the number of developers whose time has to be split up between so many projects is very small.