Some Spring Things 2022 Coincidences

(I started with genuine coincidences but eventually just started forcing some coincidences by the end)

Games with animals as playable characters:
-Custard and Mustard’s Big Adventure (2 dogs)
-The Bones of Rosalinda (mouse)
-Crow Quest (crow)
-The Bright Blue Ball

Game revolving around understanding ancient symbols
-Beneath the Stones
-The Fall of Asemia
-Honorable mention: The Bones of Rosalina

Game about fixing things that are out of place:
-Tours Roust Torus

Games using audio heavily:
-Baby on Board
-Another Cabin in the Woods

Games with 3d characters that involve fighting monsters in the distant past
-George and the Dragon
-Roger’s Day Off

Games with two protagonists, one criminal and one law-abiding:
-Lady Thalia and the Rose of Rocroi
-Ma Tiger’s Terrible Trip

Games where you pick from a large cast of characters at the end and see what that life would be like:
-The Hole Man

Exploring every part of a mathematical construct:
-Hypercubic Time-Warp All-go-rhythmic Synchrony
-Tours Roust Torus

Game about being being alienated while part of a larger community:
-Thin Walls
-Single Orouboros Scale

Got to get my body back:
-The Bones of Rosalinda
-The Hole Man

Kid vs dad:
-Bigfoot Bluff

British ruins with a single magic crystal:
-Thief of the Thousand Stones
-Beneath the Stones

Deliver a child safely
-Baby on Board
-The Bright Blue Ball

Drink someone into a stupor:
-The Legend of Horse Girl
-Roger’s Day Off

Chat over food and drinks with an old flame with multiple outcomes after returning home from a long absence:
-New Year’s Eve, 2019
-You, Me and Coffee

Use an escape pod to escape to a planet:
-Hinterlands: Marooned
-Orbital Decay

Dangerous love interests from (literal) hell:
-The Light in the Forest


I commented some of that coincidences in Twich but this post is awesome. Very good work. By the way there are a lot of interesting coincidences in this festival.


Wouldn’t have expected to share a coincidence with Bigfoot Bluff, that was a pleasant surprise. Very cool to see these coincidences laid out like this! Thanks for sharing.


Games that feature lesbian/WLW protagonists:

  • Graveyard Shift at the Riverview Motel
  • Lady Thalia and the Rose of Rocroi
  • The Light in the Forest
  • New Year’s Eve, 2019
  • Confessing to a Witch

There’s Digit as well, I think!


As @DeusIrae noted elsewhere, ADRIFT and Orbital Decay both involve a fight for survival after an EVA gone wrong.