Some issues with the Vorple/Git interpreter

Hi there! By chance… Is there anybody working in the Vorple interpreter besides @Juhana?

I am doing some tests with it; I have a small Glulx IF which I can run on Quixe with no problem, but when I try to run it on Vorple, the interpreter just throws an uninformative exception and I have no clue of what happened:

`Uncaught ExitStatus: Program terminated with exit(0)`

Is there any document of unsupported features of Glk in Vorple, or… ehhrr… something like that?

(Thank’s in advance for any tip!)

Mulehollandaise maintains the Inform 6 and myself experimented and contributed quite a bit (bug reports a a pull request).

Vorple does not support any Glk features beside “normal” ones (line and char input). More specifically, it does not support multiple windows, timers, style hints, images and sounds. But I think Vorple just ignores them safely, so I don’t think that where your problem comes from.

Maybe you could try to comment parts of your code, until the issue disappears? So we know where to look.

Thank you! Yes, the problem was my Glk Windows config… and me being incompetent and not refreshing the web browser memory.

I’ll try to surround the code with isVorpleSupported() lines.