Some info about LASH

I’ve been playing LASH and managed to complete it with a (rather gruesome) ending. However, I have no idea whether I got all the treasures and whether there are other ways to complete the second part of the game. I know the treasures don’t matter but I’d like to complete it anyway (I just like both parts of the game in different ways).

Is there a list anywhere of all the possible treasures and how many different ways are there to complete the second part (if more than one)? If not, can anyone with a good memory / notes help me? :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that an acronym or the actual full title? Because I don’t immediately recognize it


Local Asynchronous Satellite Hookup


It’s one of those works that has an in-universe explanation for the parser interface (you’re remotely operating a robot to explore an archaeological site that’s too dangerous for humans) and uses it as an incredibly unsubtle allegory for slavery.


Thank you both for clarifying. Looking online, I’m not finding a walkthrough. If anyone knows if one exists, that’d probably be @David_Welbourn . Otherwise, you’re mostly dependent on 20+ year old memories for those who even recall playing it at the time. I even tried Club Floyd, thinking you might be able to get some use from an old transcript, but they never played it. If none of these prove fruitful, you could try decompiling the game, which might help.

(As an aside, this game has some strong similarities to my White Whale project. Originality is hard, lol.)


Sorry for the confusion with the acronym; based on the ratings and some reviews that I glanced, I kinda assumed it was well-known enough that it would be instantly recognized.

Thanks for all the insights! About your White Whale project, it is not really that similar, to be honest. The post-nuclear setting is common enough and controlling robots through the parser goes back to at least Suspended. The thematic approach and content discussed in LASH is much heavier/more serious and sharply focused on slavery itself. I really liked it, it’s probably the best IF gameplay/plot twist I’ve experienced since DiBianca’s The Wand.

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It is!

(Mutter mutter)

I mean, twenty years ago it was. You know.


Ok, so after a bit more exploration I think I reached something that looks like a complete solution for the “treasure hunting” part of the game. There is at least one thing that still bothers me (the comment that the bathroom south of the kitchen is warmer than the rest of the rooms) but I am satisfied for now. I’m posting my full treasure list below; in case anyone bumps into this in the future and is curious, just drop me a message.

Now there is still the question of how to reach the optimal conclusion for the second part. Although I have already manage to actually escape the plantation, there were some comments by an NPC that sounded like it was not the optimal ending.

Treasure list:

5000 electronic core
650 sheaf of papers
250 small book
470 wine bottle
8 bellows
10 pile of bones
2 leather jacket
100 white gold bracelet
325 framed picture
0 broken ceramic jar
0 old piece of paper
0 molded lining
125 silver harmonica
5 battered case
200 diamond ring
50 blue marble
30 swirl marble
25 brown marble
20 dirty bottle
0 third scrap of paper
0 second scrap of paper
0 first scrap of paper
0 shovel

According to my estimation, the objects I have collected have a total value of approximately 727 thousand dollars American.


Sorry, I have not yet written a walkthrough for LASH, although I have played it. I’ll have to add it to my roster, thanks. Best I can offer is the scan of my old notes which are at of which page 4 seems to have a treasure summary.

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