Some GameJolt recommendations

Hey gang,

Since my layoff I’ve been putting more effort into my personal development efforts. For inspiration (and uh because I like playing games), I’ve been spending some time on Gamejolt looking at other indie game authors’ work and I’ve found some real gems among the less awesome stuff. Not all of it is IF, which is why I’m using this thread, but I wanted to share some of the stuff that inspired and entertained me.

No One Has to Die
A bare-bones puzzle concept used repeatedly to tell a story. This game is a great ‘stone soup’ example of how narration can take an extremely rudimentary concept and make it significantly more gripping. (trigger warnings: death by fire/drowning, non-graphic)

I am a huge sucker for any game that is set underwater. Seriously. That said, Tim Spekler’s FarSky has the makings of a really neat first-person survival game even without taking my preferences into account. No story to speak of, but the art and atmosphere are quite well done. The alpha is available to play for free, but I paid for the beta and it’s coming along really nicely.

Deep Sleep and its sequel, Deeper Sleep
A point-and-click adventure game with a nightmarish dream theme. This series is a lot less frustrating than many point-and-click games of its ilk, and it is pretty dang scary, so be warned. Its plot isn’t particularly deep, but it is told effectively and it has well-clued and well-written puzzles.

Murder at Masquerade Manor
Sorta like 3D clue, this randomly generated murder mystery has you asking guests at a masquerade party where they were when its host died, and whether they saw anything suspicious. Compare statements to uncover the truth, and eventually the murderer. But don’t turn your back on a suspect while alone, or you may be their next victim.

Don’t Escape
This clever, tiny game is literally the opposite of a room escape game. You are a werewolf. It’s the full moon. You need to ensure that you DON’T escape the cabin that you’re found when you turn into a slavering beastie. Use whatever tools and means you find. Once you think you’re ready, rest until nightfall and hope that you don’t make it to the nearby village.

Rust and Blood
A short survival RPG, very atmospheric. Story is a bit thin, and I highlight it more for the unique gathering and prep mechanics than anything else.

Enviro-Bear 2000
Look, I know you guys are sick to death of Bear Driving Simulators, but this one will really make you rethink the whole genre. Actually instead of playing it yourself, I’m gonna advise that you watch famed goofball youtuber Markiplier playing it.

Thanks for the tips! Would it be obnoxious to ask you to tag them with the platforms? It seems that I cannot play Enviro-Bear 2000, though my own experience would be unlikely to live up to Markiplier’s in any case.


Thanks for the recommendations - I’ve now played through “No-one has to die”, and I can second that recommendation.

Yeah, it’s quite something. Incidently, I first heard of “No-one has to die” through an Emily Short post, which I read at PlanetIF, in case you wish to follow either PlanetIF or Emily’s blog.

Oh! Sure, sorry.

FarSky, Murder at Masquerade Manor, and Enviro-Bear, Rust and Blood are all Windows games.

The others are flash.

Honestly, Matt, my attitude about Markiplier is that I watch him start to play any given game, and then I decide within the first 5 minutes whether I want to play it myself or whether I’d rather watch him flip out at it XD

I have no idea what a Bear Driving simulator is. Must investigate.

Edited to add: Oh. It’s a driving simulator where I’m a bear.

(and enviro-bear was clearly the latter.)

FarSky is actually Windows/Mac/Linux.

I’m not sure why Murder at Masquerade Manor is Windows-only, since it seems to be powered by Unity which I believe is cross-platform, but oh well.