[SOLVED] Apply enchant automatically

Twine Version: 2.5.1
Story Format: Harlowe 3.3.3

I created a passage called “StTerminal” with a particular enchant to use only in some pages,

	(bg:(stripes:0,2,white+transparent,transparent)) +
	(font:'monospace') +
	(colour:transparent) +
	(bg:white + transparent) +
	(t8n-arrive:'instant') +
	(hover-style: (color:white) + (bg:transparent))

now: I would like on some passages to call this “meta-passage” and apply the enchant.
I would like to do something like that because if I change the style I change it only once.

How can I do that?
Thank you!

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Welcome, Sam!

It looks like you’re looking for the (display:) macro. You can use the following command at some point of each of your passage in wich you need your style:

(display: "StTerminal")