[Solved] Android: Hunky Punk - adding game

I’ve downloaded Hunky Punk for my Android phone. How can I
1.) add games from within Hunky Punk?
2.) access a z-code file that I just have downloaded?


Personally, I would recommend dropping that app and using Fabullarium instead, it’s been viewed generally positively by those friends I have that play IF on android


Thanks for that advice. Will try that.

Edit: Not available for my version of Android.

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As far as I know, it’s not possible from within the app, unfortunately.

You have to either
a) open a separate file manager app, navigate to your download directory, and open the game file – then the file manager should ask you which app you want to use, and you can choose Hunky Punk.
b) copy the game file into a special directory (see below) where Hunky Punk keeps its files.

The following remark from the Google Play store page could be taken to indicate that method b) is mandatory under Android 11. Or it might just mean that it’s a one-time process to migrate an existing directory; I don’t know.

Fixed external storage permissions issue introduced by Android 11. This required moving the “Interactive Fiction” directory to a new location, under private application storage. The exact file path can be seen in the app preferences under “File Path”. You will have to manually copy your story files to the new location. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I use often Son of Hunky Punk v 1.8. I like it.
Paths are tricky so you have to look for in Android/data/andglkmod/ folder
There are two folders here: interactive fiction where you have to copy the z5-8 or zblorb file and files where you will find transcripts and savegame files.

By the way, Fabularium does NOT makes transcripts of blorb files properly, but it does well with zcode.
The only way I have discovered to do appropriate transcripts of gluxe games is Text fiction under Thunderword, and this way with a lot of careful.