Smoother Handling for Indistinguishable Objects

Working on revising my Handbook. Once upon a time, I recommended including Consolidated Multiple Actions by John Clemens as a way of banishing this:

…in favor of this:

But alas, that extension is no longer compatible. I’ve tried revising it, but got hung up. Haven’t even gotten to the I6 inclusions in it yet, which are likely to be even more snarly.

So the question is, how exactly would one do that sort of replacement in 6L38? Is there an extension that now does it?

The Left Hand of Autumn example does something similar for examining multiple objects. Could that be adapted somehow?

Possibly. Figuring out how to do something complicated from scratch is a bit beyond my mandate, however. I’m hoping there’s a pre-fabricated way to do it.

Curiously enough, in the “Left Hand of Autumn” example is this line:

change the text of the player's command to N.

Conventional wisdom tells us that “change … to” no longer works, that the proper syntax is now “now … is”. In this particular situation, however, “now … is” doesn’t work at all. “change … to” is still required.

There’s a good excuse for that–“change the text of the player’s command to…” is basically a one-time exception in the syntax. “The text of the player’s command” isn’t a variable so trying to reset it with “now” wouldn’t work. In fact this is defined in the Standard Rules as “To change the text of the player’s command to (T - text):” (which then just calls an I6 routine), so the snippet “the player’s command” doesn’t actually have a role in this phrase.

Anyway this is a very useful-looking extension but also pretty old and rusty from the looks of it (apparently it wasn’t compiling as far back as 2011). I’ll be interested to see if you can patch it; I might looking into seeing if I can duplicate some of the functionality.

Here’s a not-yet-working halfway-cleaned-up version. I fixed the obvious syntax problems.

Note that this extension relies on Hypothetical Questions by Jesse McGrew. I haven’t even started looking at that one yet – I’ve only downloaded it.

Now I’m looking at I6 errors:

I know what L__M is (or was), but in this particular extension it’s packed into the middle of a longish line of code. The others I have no clue about.

This would be a really good extension to have restored to life.
Consolidated Multiple Actions.i7x (26.8 KB)