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I replaced the blank lines in my game by changing the response text, and even with the use option it still prints the I beg your pardon error. How do I fix this?

I’m getting a run-time error with this extension. Many of the features involve stipping out unnecessary words. Some of these new rules, such as the making assertions rule and the stripping adverbs rule, produce the following run-time error:

(Sorry to disappoint you iamcitee, I don’t have an answer to your problem!)

[UPDATE - This seems to be a problem which only occurs when trying to use this extension in tandem with Nathaneal Nerode’s Neutral Standard Responses. Looks like I’ll have to choose one or the other.]

I don’t know if this is any help at all, but when making an older version of this extension work for the updated Counterfeit Monkey, the key was inserting a lot of “the substituted form of” when assigning string values (due to the changes in text handling introduced by 6L02, see “5 (a). Text.”).

now reborn command is "[word number 1 in reborn command]";

now reborn command is the substituted form of "[word number 1 in reborn command]";
and so on.