Small "thankyou" to the Twine Community :)

Hi guys.

I’ve been learning Twine for about a year or so now, really enjoyed it and (almost!?) finished my first game. Feel free to download and play if you’re into riddles etc. This was made possible by you guys. THANK YOU!

The only thing I’d ask is that you don’t publish the answers to the riddles online :wink:
(Ok, so for some reason I’m not allowed to upload the file as a new user so here it is ^^)

I’m actually planning to make a bunch of these games and sell them as part of a small educational business (I’m an ELA teacher), but the platform I’m planning to use (Teachers Pay Teachers) doesn’t allow games to be cheaper elsewhere. Fair enough. So I may have to remove it from this site later (sorry!).

FYI: Please note the healthbar code, bottom bar and any text effects are thanks to HiEv, and some javascript/css thanks to TME. Thanks a million guys. You rock.




That’s why I do this, I want as many games out there for me to play as possible. :wink: :grin:

Anyways, glad I could help. :slight_smile:


Haha cool! Let me know if you beat it :wink:

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