Slouching Towards Bedlam

I’m not sure my phone is formatting a particular description correctly, and wondered if someone could post a screenshot of how it should look.

It’s the diagram on the wall of the cell which contains the words 'and a little lamb should lead them.

I don’t have the file with me to check this specific bit, and I last played this years ago, but there are indeed several places in STB where the text may look very strange, and that is intended.

I have no idea how to do a screenshot on my phone (sorry), but as lux said, that particular bit of script is supposed to be unusually formatted. Consider who wrote it.

It’s admittedly difficult to decode, but

there is an object in the game which can help you make sense of it.

Thanks. Here are some of my screenshots.Screenshot_2015-11-17-22-02-38.pngScreenshot_2015-11-17-22-02-54.png

Whoops - sorry, I didn’t know they’d appear like that. Hope I’ve not broken any rules.

The last screenshot you posted is exactly how it looked when I played the 10-year updated version on Glulx using a computer. So that’s probably the most accurate.

p.s. I also just rechecked the old “competition release” version. It’s the same. Landscape format is it.