Skybreak Hint Request

I’ve been wandering around Skybreak for what feels like a really long time as an explorer/scientist, hours at least. The adventure point system seems very forgiving, such that I can never lose, and never win.

I was hoping to play a “quick” game; the manual described the explorer as a quick path, but if I’m anywhere near victory, there’s no sign of it.

objectives just tells me the list of world types I’m supposed to explore. I’m pretty sure I’ve explored them all, but there are ten types, so it’s possible that I’ve missed one type somehow, but there’s no way of knowing which type I’ve missed, nor indeed any way of intentionally pursuing any world type.

And as for scientist, I’m definitely nowhere near victory there. The objective requires 10 astrodata, 10 biodata, 10 geodata, and 10 technodata. I have 7 astrodata, 4 biodata, 0 geodata and 1 technodata. Racking up 10 technodata seems unimaginable; I’d only ever seen 1 geodata and lost it later.

Is a “quick” game of Skybreak 3+ hours long? I can’t win or lose no matter how many risks I take…

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It’s been a long long time, but don’t you get geodata when you go to a planet and scan it?

Victor’s right, you get Geodata by selecting the ‘Scan the Planet (astronomy)’ option in random star systems. I tried it just now (after choosing Explore Gamma Eidolon I):

Edit: I should also point out that for those two victory goals, nothing special happens. When you get them the game just ends. So the game you’ve experienced so far is the ‘whole game’ for those.

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Also: yes!

Weird, I pretty much always got astrodata from those “scan” astronomy checks.

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I think it depends on whether you scan a star or a planet, does it not?

Ah, that makes sense.

For technodata I swear there’s some big planet where you can buy it repeatedly or trade for it, but I couldn’t find it just now when I played a bit online.

Some random hints, some of which pertain to many victory questions, not just the ones above

  • While movement through the galaxy is largely out of your control, you have a couple of choices that can determine your destination, by far the most important one is The Terminals, on Uplift, which for the cost of a specific type of lore, can shunt you to very important worlds.

  • Geodata is found by exploring generic worlds in big systems (EG rocky worlds, molten worlds, etc). Another great way to do it is analyzing the tail of comets

  • Astrodata is found by scanning stars in big systems, nebulae, and things like that. You can also get it from black holes but this is dangerous, as an added benefit, black holes provide foretold lore, one of the rarest resources in the game

  • Biodata is easy to get on Vacade, Uplift, and a few other places where you can study alien life as mentioned above you can get to Vacade using the terminals, but it requires foretold lore

  • Technodata is comparatively harder to get. The best place to get it is the place of archiving, in Syrish space, or the Broken Sky out near the barbarian arm but those worlds are by no means easy to get to. Other options including interfacing with the Demon Brain of Algol and hanging out with alchemists…but there really is no easy way to do it unless you can find a repreatable way to bounce into sryrish space or the barbarian arm.

  • Brian’s right that the game just ends with a special send-off for each background. I wrote out the game with an eye for the journey, not the destination.

  • The explorer background requires you to land on a planetoid. People often forget that one. your checklist idea is one of those things I probably should have implimented but didnt…maybe next update.