Skipping play tested games in ParserComp

I’ve playtested a game in this year’s ParserComp, yet it’s in my queue. How do I skip it? I can’t find any mention of how to do this.

What do you mean? The main competition page lists all the games, so you can just skip over that one if you don’t want to replay it.

(I see from the rules that judges aren’t allowed to rate game they beta-tested, which I think is a change from how things were last year so worth flagging)

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This is what I see on

I’m required to rate a certain list of five games before I can choose others. One game in my queue is one I’ve playtested.

Ugh, now I’ve logged in I’m seeing the same thing, and also have a game I tested in my queue. @fos1 @ChristopherMerriner any troubleshooting tips?

This will be problematic for me, too!

I will see if that feature can be disabled.

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I think any game can be ranked now. But, Please try to rate games in the feed that have the least ratings when you can.

Thank you


FWIW, I thought the queue was a great idea. Sorry it didn’t work out.

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FWIW, Christopher and I are already discussing a better scoring system for next year.


Thanks for working this out!


Well, mine said that I could rate any game I wanted after rating 2 random games. I think there was a shuffler? It would definitely work out if you could shuffle your way to 2 games you didn’t test, and then rate as you wished.


Yes, the idea of the ratings queue is that you present a random subset of the entries (default 5) to each voter and they can’t vote on any others. Then, after a threshold of games voted on is reached (2 in our case), people can vote on any game they choose. It’s intended to ensure that votes are more evenly distributed and people don’t just vote on their best friend’s game… But we thought it might prove problematic and so it has. Oh well. We’ll just trust everyone to be good citizens and vote fairly (in opposition to’s strongly-worded advice on this, which shows quite clearly that they have absolutely no faith in human nature).