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I don’t like the logo-over-text in ArmanX’s second post – it seems way too busy to me.

I’d love to steal this for an unrelated, on-again-off-again love affair that I’m currently working on, full credit of course, if no one else is going to take it. Might bastardize it a little… somehow… But this makes me happy.

Be my guest; I hereby release all the images in this thread that were created by me under a “do whatever you want with them, no really, it’s ok” license :slight_smile:

I like the blinking one. I didn’t even notice at first. The “blinking images are bad” point is moot here because the effect is extremely subtle. You don’t notice unless you’re staring directly at it.

Another thing worth trying might be replacing the Lucida font with an real console font (those used by MS-DOS.)

Using a more text-based approach (including using Fixedsys as a font, the default console font in Windows), I came up with this. It has a transparent background, and yes, it blinks. Gently, though.

Note that I’m staying in the size boundaries of the original post; I’m fairly certain I can make it bigger, but I don’t know what size the forum (and the members’ bandwidth) will tolerate.

So… what are we doing? Do we need a vote topic?

I like this one, what would it like in courier, and maybe green font on black, would like to see a black theme soon, all this brightness makes me blind. :sunglasses:

Dag, yo. Baf’s already uses this.

Whoa, this is a year old? What do people think. logo or no logo?

Lol, I gave up!

I like the idea of a logo. I didn’t care for the gold, and the blink is a little annoying.

Agreed. The gold seems to clash, especially with the alternate coloring. I like the idea of the “IF” with transparency and the longer descriptive text next to it, though.

If you’re going to use a blink, maybe make the text a lighter shade of gray.

What if the logo capitalized on the stone wall style of “Zork” but said “IF” instead?

I like that idea.

So, I whipped this together pretty quickly in gimp from the original cover. Obviously the perspective is wrong and so is the background color, but eh… proof of concept?

Hmm. It ties IF directly with Zork, which makes sense, but begs the question “why Zork?”. Specifically, why Zork over Adventure. And why Infocom over, say, Magnetic Scrolls.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to immediatly link IF to a single game like that. Funnily enough, the brass lantern would work better because, although regonisably a Zork staple, it’s also an IF staple, for many years. It doesn’t reflect the present, but sums up a lot more of the past than Zork.

On a purely critical note, having the I so large in relationship to the F is weird, and the door latch kinda looses context.

My two cents. Mind you, I hope they were constructive criticism, not the other kind. :slight_smile:

Please, not Zork. Or Adventure. Or anything else that suggests that we are a bunch of nostalgic people stuck in the late 70s or the early 80s. Interactive fiction is hot and cool (yes, both of them at the same time!) and not something that reached its peak 30 years ago.

This x1000000

Thing is, that’s already the logo of a website with a much more fitting URL, I think. Other than that, I’m not sure there’s any object that really encapsulates the medium, besides maybe an AFGNCAAP, which is… a little difficult to depict.

I’m not sure how much back-end control admins have over this forum – would it be possible to rotate through multiple logos, one with every page? That way we could highlight notable objects from various games equally: a key engraved “IF”, a few of the modular tools from Spider and Web, etc. But of course that would require more artist work than only one logo. On the upside, once a couple have been implemented, it could be trivial to add more whenever people feel like submitting.

I always thought the cover image for “A Minf Forever Voyaging” was a bit weird - it didn’t really represent the game at all, in my view. It’s like the representation of a game that AMFV COULD have been, if it’d gone in another direction.

But it struck me, right now, that it would be a good cover image for “IF” in general. And maybe that’s the direction for a logo… something that focuses on the more immutable basics of IF (the obvious one being world exploration and no limits to the imagination/experiences), instead of objects.

Because people WILL ask “Hey, what was that third thing? What game was it from?” Which I think defeats the purpose.