Sink Your Teeth into "Choice of the Vampire" for Kindle … B004QV9XPW

Choice of Games, a quirky independent games company, has released their bestselling interactive novel, “Choice of the Vampire,” for Amazon Kindle.

At more than 160,000 words, “Choice of the Vampire” is one of the longest works ever written in the “choose your own adventure” style, allowing players to choose their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and feeding habits.

Play as a young vampire, from the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 through the end of the Civil War in 1866. You’ll meet (and possibly feed from) Andrew Jackson, Marie Laveau and Jefferson Davis along the way. Struggling to increase your standing among elder vampires, you must balance an insatiable thirst for blood against your dwindling vestiges of humanity. Will you choose the winning side of the Civil War? Will you rule the German coast with an iron fist? Will you find a love that can transcend death itself?


Will it work on the virtual Kindle applications for PC, Mac, and portable platforms, or do you have to have a physical Kindle in order to run it? I sometimes buy static fiction Kindle ebooks and read them on my laptop with the free PC application.

Kindle apps only run on physical Kindles, (and are only available for purchase in the United States!) but you can also play our games worldwide on iPhone, Android, Palm and on the web at