Single Choice Jam 2!

No, this is how it would be all the way through. In every room, do the action, get text about the action, press any key. Several times. This is really just to clear the screen between rooms. The action will automatically move you, but I want a page of text between each room. So wanting the press any key is to clear the screen. Without it, it’s: take the action, some text pops up above the next room description, which can get hairy because people don’t often realize there’s text before the next room description and so they miss it. Having a PRESS ANY Key and clearing the screen before you move the player prevents this confusion. It would be roughly analogous to making a choice, getting a new page of text, clicking next on that screen, and going to a new page that then gives you your next single choice. I think it’s OK, but I’m not entirely sure.

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Ah, yeah, that is distinct. My mistake. I guess we’ll have to wait for around ~2am EST for an answer, because I have no idea. Sorry for sticking my oar in.

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Hello! Is it one choice for the entire game or the playthrough?
(What I mean is, can I change the choice in itself if a player choose to play again?)


That’s a great question. I’m not involved with the jam, but I’ve thought about a similar thing. My thought was that I could have some randomness, but not have my previous play-through choices affect a future game… otherwise, that would be like “meta-multiple choices”.

I’m interested in what the powers that be say too.

I asked the question on the game jam page, they seems to answer faster there.

Got the answer:
If the game restarts (from the main menu or the very beginning), then there can be different choices on a second playthrough. So it would count as one choice. Locking/unlocking options on different playthroughs is also fine.

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Thanks, man! This opens up a whole new world for game play! :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing the idea referred to was this idea from the last Single Choice Jam. We said that was okay back then, so I suppose it’s okay now.

I didn’t finish it last time, but maybe I will this time!