Sinclair: A tribute

It’s a tribute game from Vingthor, an spanish author.
The game is in two flavours, english and spanish.
It’s a 48k Spectrum adventure color full with scanned graphics, in which we play making choices (Q/A + enter).
It’s re-playable, lunchtime lenght, easy an sensitive story. We play into a young Clive, doing as he did in his teen days.
I recommend playing to everyone.


Very nice and informative link. I love the pixelated artwork!

I once sold the original Sinclair in a bookstore back in the day. Sir Sinclair’s passing spurred me to order an old Sinclair on ebay. I may or may not be able to make it work. We will see.


ZX Spectrum some extended edition was my first computer. I started with only 2 games - Digger and Loderunner. 128Kb memory, 16 colors, games were loaded from an audio tape recorder.:slight_smile: My first gameplay lasted around 10 hours non-stop. Then, during my sleep, I saw those nasty little men running all over.



Is the author a member here?

I don’t know for sure