Simple story idea to test my engine?

I’m writing my own engine for choice-based games and want to test it to see what I still have to work on. But just when you need it you have no idea…

Does anyone have an idea for a simple story that uses features like global & local state and dynamic rendering (like Twine Sugarcube’s replace)?

I also thought about just using the Harlowe example stories.


Just for clarity: This about a choice game, not about parser? EDIT: sorry, oversaw the mentioning of choice.

I could imagine a simple Escape Room kind of game?

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more than quack of darkness, I warmly suggest you to implement the original Cloak of Darkness, whose has the unquestionable advantage of permitting an immediate comparison with other IF languages, both parser and choice-orented.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Thanks for the suggestions!

Here’s my post about the engine by the way, if anyone has something to nitpick with what I have implemented already.

I don’t know how well Craverly Heights would work as a choice game, but it’s been ported to a couple different parser engines. Nice sized small-ish demo game.

Did that now! My configurable header and sidebar already came in handy for this.

Also here’s the code if anyone is interested in my port.