Simple Newbie question


After playing around with TADS 3 for the Indigo New Language Speed-IF, I’m working on cleaning up some of my code. The thing that I’m having the most trouble with is getting rid of articles in front of some items,

For example, I have a simple container, but it’s listed in the room as “The Tommy’s box”, and I’d like it just to say “Tommy’s box”

tommysPaints: Container, Fixture 'tommy\'s tommys paint box' 'Tommy\'s box' @classRoom
    "Tommy's paint box sits in his easel."

            failCheck( 'You decide against taking Tommy\'s paint box.');

I’ve gone through the documentation, but I’m just not seeing what I need (or I am seeing it, but I’m not understanding it)

Any help would be appreciated.

I think


is what you need.

You can also change the way the object is referred to in different contexts by setting the theName, aName, disambigName etc. properties.

You can also do this if you want to eliminate articles without indicating that the name is proper:

isQualifiedName = true

I do not know what difference this makes in practice.