Simple Graphical Window not working

Hello all, I’m trying to use Emily Short’s Simple Graphical Window extension Version 10/161003 and have run into a bit of a dead end when trying to use it to make a game. I get this error:

*I can't find the right version of the extension requested by 'Include version 1/160919 of Glk Events by Dannii Willis' [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](source:C:\Users\15165\Documents\Inform\Extensions\Emily Short\Glulx Entry Points.i7x#line9) - I can only find version 2.0.200807.*

I can’t find version 1/160919 of Glk Events, and manually changing the version number referenced in Glulx Entry Points only produces this error:

*In 'The enable Glulx acceleration rule is not listed in the for starting the virtual machine rules' [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](source:C:\Users\15165\Documents\Inform\Extensions\Dannii Willis\Alternative Startup Rules.i7x#line33), you gave 'The enable Glulx acceleration rule' where a rule was required.*

I think the easiest solution might be to find the proper version but I’ve scoured every repository I could find and came up empty. Can anyone advise?


Don’t. Unless you really know what you’re doing. Updates are updates for a reason, and manually changing the version, as you saw, produces a compatibility error.

Usually if something requires too many extensions that I can’t find, I find a different extension that does something similar. But in this case, the GitHub has a lot of extensions, including Simple Graphical Windows, and you can probably find an earlier version there. Otherwise, there are other window-related extensions in that repository—see if any of those are useful.

By navigating the history of the extensions repository, you can find an old version

Click on the “download raw file” button to get it.

I feel a little embarrassed I didn’t think to do this, but thank you.

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