Simple Graphical Window extension won't compile

The Simple Graphical Window extension doesn’t compile under the latest version of Inform 7. Seems like there has been a change in how colours are defined in Glulx.

Is there an update to this extension? Only an old version exists on the extensions page on the website.



Yeah, the extensions situation is…not exactly optimal at the moment.

The extensions on are for previous versions of Inform 7. Some of them might work in 6L** as well, but they haven’t been rewritten for it.

The Public Library is the main extension repository for 6L**, and is even accessible through the IDE in some versions. If your IDE is not one of those versions, you can access those extensions here.

Those are the places to go for “official” extensions, which have been thoroughly tested and debugged and everything. Several people (including me) also put extensions they’re working on into a shared GitHub repository here. Some of these are beautifully finished and polished, others less so. But this is often the best place to look for updates to old extensions.

Thanks for your swift response.

I’ve looked through the extensions in the links you’ve provided but alas there is no update for Simple Graphical Window.

Is there a simple fix to get this to compile? I would really like to update my WIP to the latest build.



I had an updated version of this locally, but it looks as though perhaps it wasn’t made generally available. (I’m not sure why not, because I’d thought all of my extensions had Public Library-ready updates.) I’m sending it to Mark, so it should appear on the public library shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience.