Silverlight to OpenSilver

Just got an email from that they have a working replacement for Microsoft Silverlight.

There’s no easy migration, so upgrading the stories that were built with Silverlight won’t be trivial, but I’d like to make this happen. I know Textfyre’s Secret Letter and Eric Eve’s Night were built with the book theme. I’m not sure if anyone else used the technology.

Was wondering if there’s any community support to make this happen. The current legacy version on requires an old version of Internet Explorer to work whereas OpenSilver uses Web Assembly without any need for a plug-in.



Hi David,

Our team is working hard to make the migration as easy as possible, and it is getting much easier with every new release.

We have been focused on the migration of complex applications for businesses in the past year, but we are now working towards building the community around the technology.

Our Github is a good place to ask any question to our dev team, or you could join one of our webinar and discuss live with one of our experts. There are case studies coming soon too, so keep an eye on the website.

I hope you will have a great time using the framework, let us know how it goes !


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A huge help would come in the form of an automated upgrade when attempting to open an old project. It doesn’t even need to be perfect. Just get 75% of the way there so one could focus on errors.