Signed Math Library

SignedMathLibrary.dg (3.3 KB) Version 0.1.

For a project I want to work on I need (small in magnitude) negative numbers. Because there aren’t negative numbers built in to Dialog, I am emulating them with lists. Specifically, a positive number is represented as [+ $N], and a negative number as [- $N], where $N is a standard dialog number. This probably isn’t the most efficient approach processing wise, but I didn’t want to try figuring out two’s complement math for this.

I currently support comparison, negation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; I didn’t add modulo because signed modulo doesn’t have a universal definition.

I want to make it so standard numbers are promoted to signed positives when passed as input parameters of signed functions, I think that should be possible. I might also see about handling vector math by generalizing signed numbers to vectors of signed numbers: [{±} $N1 {±} $N2 {±} $N3 …], but for now I’m going to just leave that as a thought.


SignedMathLibrary.dg (5.9 KB) Version 0.2.

This update renames some predicates but the main change is that you can now mix signed and unsigned numbers, with unsigned numbers being promoted to signed numbers.

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