SIF 2024 - Senica Interactive Fiction

Záhorská knižnica Senica (Záhorie Library Senica) is announcing the call for entries for a writing competition of Senica Interactive Fiction (SIF) 2024 . The competition is focused on classical choice-based non-linear stories or game-books (CYOA - Choose Your Own Adventure) and is organized by a group of enthusiasts, school teachers, students, scouts and volunteers who want to support interactive creative writing and story-telling among language learners.


  1. Students - language learners (non-native speakers)
    S.1 Micro Games in English
    S.2 Micro Games in German
    S.3 Micro Games in Russian
    Each author must specify a topic around which they plan to create their story in the Author´s Intent (link will be shared here). The topics will be shared here for others to get inspiration.
    (Our abilities to open other language sections are limited only by the abilities of our jury to read them. If you are a learner of a different language, please share your intent and we will see what can be done about it :slight_smile: )

Note: Your game should be fit for public reading with playing time (the longest storyline) not exceeding 5 minutes.

  1. Interactive RPG
    In this category you are asked to write an interactive scenario (in whatever language suits you) for an open-air live medieval interactive RPG game which would take place at the ruins of the Korlátko castle (Slovakia).
    Topic: Medieval Castle
    Age group of players: from …6 to 66…
    Playing Area: Castle and its vicitiny (half square kilometer)
    Playing time: max 2 hours (the longest story-line)
    The framework is quite similar to the CYOA style including the prefered format of TWINE with a difference that the choices must be given to the player face to face by an NPC. It is up to you how many endings, adventures or stories you put to gether in the scenario as far as it is performable by a group of 10 or so actors/NPCs.

Note: The winning game will be chosen for live enactment on 28 October 2024 during Senica Interactive Festival.

Important deadlines:

June 20, 2024 at 22.50 (CET) Summer Solstice - SIF launches, intents to enter open
22 September, 2024 at 14.43 (CET) Autumn Equinox - deadline for entries to be submitted
October 26-28, 2024 - Senica Interactive Festival, winners announced and awarded

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