Shufflecomp Song/Artist Appreciation Thread

I want to make a place where we can shout out awesome songs/artists submitted to Shufflecomp, as I suspect we’ve all gotten songs that we otherwise wouldn’t have heard.

I want to call out sanadi or dice (that’s how the name appears on my submission email). Tagging @Sanadi in hopes that’s the right person. Thank you so much for introducing us to Meg Myers with the wonderful song Make a Shadow. Tom and I have been listening to her a lot the past few days and we don’t know how we’ve missed her all this time.

ETA: This doesn’t have to be limited to Shufflecomp participants. If you’ve been going through the big playlist that @manonamora kindly put together, go ahead and appreciate what you like here!


Oh. I know what you mean. There were some really catchy ones in my playlist.
And Meg Myers is so awesome! I was kund of surprised no one else picked one of her songs.
(A lot of the time I needed to decide on my songs was spent on deciding which of her songs to use.)
In the end I picked one of the first of hers I ever heard. I’m glad you like it. :two_hearts:


From my playlist I’ve really been enjoying Take You Back by Orville Peck – it’s basically “cowboy Scarborough Fair” and also damn does it slap!

From the playlist at large there’s a few songs I didn’t submit but I’m really hoping someone picks to work with:

Most of the songs are deep cuts so at some point (well, several points) I’ll sit down and listen to the whole comp playlist, and I’m sure I’ll find some great stuff!


This was Tom’s submission, and I highly recommend listening to the entire 69 Love Songs Album, which does have 69 songs (yes, the whole album is full of juvenile jokes made into really good songs) and is in 3 volumes. Volume 3 is our favorite.

And he really wanted to submit some Orville Peck but had too many songs!


I love the Magnetic Fields so I will commend Tom on his impeccable taste! Also glad Arlo had him covered with Orville Peck. These things have a funny way of working out, don’t they?


Orville Peck’s music is fantastic and I adore whoever submitted one of his songs. The live video for Let Me Drown is gorgeous.


Shout-out to whoever submitted Akbar, love that silly song.

Also shout-outs to everyone who has my same music taste, good choices all of you. Kind of happy to not get any of those on my list, it gives me the opportunity to work off of my first impression of a song instead of the memories I have of it.


Oh hey I submitted that one! Glad you’ve been enjoying it :cowboy_hat_face:

From my playlist I’ve especially enjoyed Landsailor by Vienna Teng (the whole album is genius), and the person who submitted T.I.M.E. by Niel Cicierega is my personal hero. I also received Charlemagne by Blossoms, which I hadn’t listened to before. It’s incredibly catchy, and that’ll be the song I’m taking inspiration from for my entry, assuming all goes according to plan (thanks for submitting that one @LapinLunaireGames! :sparkles:)


I am a total pleb when it comes to music, but hey, there were some songs I recognized. Might as well list them:

Wild Hearts Never Die (ft. Linnea Olsson) - Was surprised to find video game music from a game I knew! I’ve listened to the Sayonara Wild Hearts OST multiple times, it’s just that good. Someday, I might actually play the game.

The Death that I Deservioli - PIZZA TOWER OST PIZZA TOWER OST PIZZA TOWER OST (Pizza Tower has a great aesthetic. I’ve never actually played it. You might be seeing a pattern here)

(But look at this official picture of Peppino Spaghetti the pizza chef. He's the main character. Yes, he's Italian, why do you ask?)


Uninstall (アンインストール) - Fun fact: I only know this song because I was listening to a Nico Nico Douga remix (it’s that Mario one), thought “huh the melody at 4:24 is pretty good, where’s it from” and then learned about Bokurano. I actually prefer the nightcore exit trance remix of this song because I have no taste. This version is good too though. Fun fact 2: I have (you guessed it) never watched Bokurano.

Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa) - This is the Numa Numa song. I don’t know why it’s called that. I don’t know what the lyrics mean. I don’t know what the full song sounds like. The link isn’t even for the full song - it’s the meme version with the guy who does the little dance thing. You’ve seen it, right? This is an internet meme classic. This is a historical relic probably sitting on a pedestal somewhere in the Meme Hall of Fame. I salute whoever had the courage to put it into the playlist.

And that’s all the songs from the playlist I’d heard before, besides my own submissions. (In my defense, I have about as much musical know-how as a rock.) But bonus shoutouts:

  • The person who put in two songs from The Lightning Thief Musical. I didn’t even know The Lightning Thief had a musical, but I was a huge Percy Jackson fan when I was younger. …Wait, it’s a Broadway musical? Dang.
  • The two people who separately submitted songs by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Haven’t listened to that many songs by them, but I like their style. I’ve got their Bandcamp page bookmarked somewhere. Butterfly 3000 is pretty good.
  • Whoever submitted Still Alive by Demi Lovato, which to my enormous disappointment was not Still Alive from Portal. I have nothing against Demi Lovato, but I will never get over the obsession I had with Portal back when I was a kid. Sorry, Scream VIII fans.
  • Whoever submitted a song by the band Airborne Toxic Event. Disclaimer: I’ve never heard a single song from that band, but I do know they’re named after the Airborne Toxic Event from White Noise which is a book I liked. Have you seen the credits song from the White Noise movie adaptation? It’s got a supermarket dance number with grocery bags and everything. It’s good. I would’ve submitted it if I had the space. White Noise fans unite?
  • Whoever submitted songs by the band Glass Animals. I’ve never heard a single song from them either but I do know they wrote Heat Waves, a song which became popular because someone wrote an identically-titled Minecraft fanfiction about Minecraft Youtuber Dream (famous for cheating on a Minecraft speedrun and hiring a “Harvard astrophysicist” to disprove the cheating claims) falling in love with one of his friends, another Minecraft Youtuber. Really, it’s true. This has nothing to do with Shufflecomp, I just wanted to bring it up. I should probably stop typing now.

I’m the culprit behind both Wild Hearts Never Die and Still Alive! I figured your reaction to the latter would be common, but I also hoped that the raw ass lines “Give me something to sink all my teeth in / Eat the devil and spit out my demons” would make up for it. :grin:


White Noise fans! The film adaptation was really interesting to me; I think it works pretty well on its own, but obviously prefer the novel. There were some bits it did really well (the overlapping lectures I remember in particular), and some bits that felt lacking.

That would have been a great song choice! Definitely a fun one to work with. I’m absolutely compiling a playlist of good songs to submit next time.


I want to thank whomever submitted this:

Because its lyrics brought me out of mind-numbing procrastination (took me by surprise, having the tab hidden while the whole playlist is running).


That was Tom!
We think the best version is this cover:


If you have nerves of steel, I recommend running the playlist on shuffle. The different genres from one song to another will give you whiplash :joy:


I’m going to spam this thread at the end…
But who did this???
The synth is just chef kiss!


I haven’t thought about that song for decades! My best friend in the 7th grade had a poster of Corey Hart and listened to this album ad nauseam, which was annoying because Billy Idol was the bomb for me.


Guilty. :smile: I got into 80s music over the past few years and I’m kind of obsessed. I discovered this song via the movie Nope!


This one SLAPS
but it’s also making me depresso…


I found out the context of this song being made:

According to co-producer Phil Chapman, the recording sessions for the album took place in a studio whose air conditioning/heating vents were directly above the mixing console. Air from the vents blew directly into the faces of the control room personnel, so they often wore sunglasses to protect their eyes. Hart, working on a new song, began to improvise lyrics that included the line “I wear my sunglasses at night.”

And honestly… it’s made the whole thing even better :joy:


I’m gonna also thank @Faedrian for submitting:
Lola + Joseph - July Talk

(i’m the lucky one who got it!!)