Shufflecomp Mixtape Master Award

Who’s songs and pseudonyms were taken up the most?

I’ve got a score of 4:

Broken Household Appliance National Forest - Grandaddy
Candy Jail - Silver Jews
‘play to find out’ in HOLY ROBOT EMPIRE
Virgil Caine

Can anyone best that?

Goose eggs [emote]:([/emote]
(On both accounts, I think.)

Moi aussi, Healy. I console myself that this means everyone else is a big ol’ square. (Also I get to make the Space Walk game myself sometime.)

Five, but I recuse myself. (Particularly with pseudonyms, I had to patch a fair number of holes, so my selections were a little overrepresented.)

3 Songs, no pseudonyms:
Witch’s Promise
House of the Rising Sun
The Legend of Wooley Swamp

One of my songs and none of my pseudonyms were used.

Big fat zero on both.

One of my songs, ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’, was chosen, but none of my 'nyms.

No pseudonyms, but three of my songs for sure (Little Bird, Out the Window, and Solid Gold). I think one of my other songs might be in Holy Robot Empire, but I can’t seem to finish it to find out.

I think I need three dollars to finish, but I can only find two. Anyone finished this yet? And the song is Robot High School.


One of my pseuds got used (Lady Tallhat), none of the songs.

Then again, I know I got some really interesting songs that I personally could not figure out how to make a game out of quickly, so I live in hope that my songs were appreciated even if not game-ified. [emote]:)[/emote]

I believe your song is in there. The author was kind enough to include a CREDITS page for a full list of songs. As for your requested hint:

The hermit will offer a refund for an item you no longer want.

Thanks for the hint! I’ll have to see if I can get beyond 6 points when I have some fresh eyes on it.

So, I guess that puts me at 4 as well.


Authors did four of my songs requests: Eight Miles High, (Nothing But) Flowers, Marble, and Truth!. They used none of the pseudonyms I sent in though.