ShuffleComp Final Playlists! [Results]

Hi Everyone!

The votes have been counted and tallied! The ShuffleComp 2023: The Re-Shuffling is now over!

Over 200 ratings have been sent over the past two weeks, with an average of 14 votes per submission! Thank you to everyone who took the time to play all entries, to vote, and to review them!

You can find the games on or on the IFDB.

First of:

Congratulations to all participants for their fun games and interpretations of the songs!

And now…

… to the moment you’ve been waiting for…

… the reveal of the Final Playlists!

In the category:

Use of songs

2(tie) The End of the Line by Coral Nulla
2(tie) Summers with the Sea King by @Faedrian
1 (not so) strangers in the night by @manonamora

Game Goodness

3 Summers with the Sea King by @Faedrian
2 night confessional by sweetfish
1 Messages from the Universe Graveyard by @Cerfeuil

Congratulations to @Cerfeuil and @manonamora

We hope you enjoyed this little revival of the competition and hopefully get to see you again for another edition of the ShuffleComp!



Congrats Manon! And really, congrats everyone who submitted for their great games (seriously, there were so many awesome entries). Especially Faedrian’s Summers With The Sea King, which won Best Overall as an average of both categories. It’s really good and you should check it out. Yes, that’s you reading this: if you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for? : )

Also thank you to everyone who played and rated Messages From the Universe Graveyard, and especially those who left messages. The game wouldn’t be what it is without your contributions (literally!). Fun Shufflecomp from beginning to end, I’m glad it was revived.


Thnk you evryonr for bigg music playlìst.

Kept me compny when I waa overwse alone.

Mean alot to me. Amused, consoled, confused, distractd me when paiñn was worse.

Thank yoù

Pinkz Message

Thank you everyone for the big music playlist.
Kept me company when I was otherwise alone.
Means a lot to me. Amused, consoled, confused, and distracted me when the pain was worse.
Thank you.