Should we add meetups to the IFTF calendar?

One of the features that Graham mentioned in his Inform talk was an “IF news” pane in the IDE. See this screenshot.

This info comes from the IFTF web site: (JSON format) (TSV format)

(You’ll note that it’s a bit out of date; I’ve sent a PR over to the IFTF website.)

We intend this as a resource which any IF tool or web site could use. (Although if you’re going to hit it a million times a day, please think about caching…)

One question we haven’t really resolved is: what goes on here? It started as a clone of the calendar at (right column). I maintain that one, and it’s generally a mix of comps and Boston-local events. (Since PRIF is a Boston group, or at least it was before the pandemic.)

Should the IFTF calendar include the Boston IF meetup date? It’s open to everybody but we’ve never tried to make it big. Putting the link in front of every Inform user would be a bit of a jolt.

Emily’s link round-up posts include the SF Bay meetup. Should we include that one? I guess that question is specifically for Dan.


Along these lines, I’ve researched a bit into a Discourse plugin that allows a community-editable “events” calendar, though nothing I’ve run across quite seemed to do it the way I’d like.

What about all the other countries around the world? Surely, there are more IF meetups than just Boston and San Francisco? Aren’t there?

I should add that IFWiki now has an events calendar that anyone can edit:

The IFTF needed a separate calendar but (or maybe because) anything can be added to the IFWiki events database. It now contains a few regular meetings, including some of the ones mentioned above, and you can add any others that are missing.

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